The Nutrition Piece

Happy Friday!

I’ve had a request from our head coach Jal to write to you this week about the importance of a solid nutrition strategy along side of your workouts.

Sometimes clients want to see faster results: leaner physiques, more muscle, less body fat etc. but they are not putting in the work on the nutrition side of things.

You may have heard that “abs are made in the kitchen” or “you can’t outrain a bad diet” and for the most part this is true.

Barring outstanding genetics or the youth factor (who doesn’t remember being able to get away with a lot more pizza etc. back in her youth?) you need to have a solid nutrition strategy to see sustainable fat loss, muscle gain AND athletic performance.

Over the years as a fitness professional I’ve heard it taught that the fitness equation breaks down something like this:

1-10% genetics

2-10% exercise

3-80% nutrtition

It isn’t quite as straightforward as that…there are other factors that come into play:



alcohol consumption (a form of poison/ toxin and a stressor)


age etc.

But a GOOD component of success does depend on nutrition.

Where to begin?

What to eat?

What to eat when?

Whether to go keto, paleo, low carb, high fat, intermittent fasting (and umpteen variations on that), south beach, weight watchers etc.  It is a lot.  We get it.

And the worst (best?) part is that no one plan will work for everyone and (better still) most plans are not meant to be followed indefinitely and most plans will not work for you at all stages of your life. Wowza. That makes things tricky, right?

So if you are really wanting to see sustainable fat loss, muscle gain and athletic performance it is time to spend some extra time dialing in your nutrition.

  • ​Meal Prep is key.
  • ​Grocery shopping is key.

If you hate the above, then a meal service will help immensely.

  • ​Listening to your body is key: eating xyz makes you feel bloated? That’s a sign. Eating abc makes you feel like the energizer bunny? Also, a sign.

​If you have big goals for your fitness and health this year, set aside some time to take stock of what you are doing for your food intake and ask yourself, what could you do to make things better?

Track it.

Follow your new plan at least 30 days.

See how you are feeling and see what kind of results you get.

Then decide if you stay with that plan or if you try something new.

Trust the process.

You can do it.

Remember if you are one of our MPower Fitness clients, we are here to help! You don’t need to go this alone.

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team


Plan Ahead!


This week I wanted to write to you with some tips for events/parties in the new year.

Many of us still have holiday events around this time of year and it is a time when even the best
intentioned can find herself going astray.

Here are my suggestions:

1)Eat before the event. 

​If you aren’t directly involved in the planning of the food/ very confident that there will be healthy choices
available do NOT attend an event hungry.
Aim to eat some protein and veggies– even a small snack- before you attend. 

2) Go into the event hydrated. 

​Water up.
When you get there, if the host offers you an alcoholic beverage ask for a water along side of it.
Aim to maintain at least two waters-ideally three- for every drink.
Don’t drink alcohol? GOOD FOR YOU!!
Be mindful of the sugary alternatives and aim to stick to carbonated water or good ‘ole H2O.

3)Catch up on your sleep. 

​We are meant to be getting rest and downtime over the holidays but most of us
up the ant on everything and cram months of socializing into just a few weeks.
Listen to your bodies folks.
If you are up late, you will need to nap or sleep in.
While it is best to maintain a solid sleep/wake schedule around this time of the year
you’ll probably need to nap.

4)Schedule a little time alone. 

​Hey you introverts (and everyone really) the holidays bring a lot of people together
which is GREAT. BUT, for those of us who are introverts it is a Lot.
Even for those of us who are extroverts it is a lot.  We still need a little alone time.
Make sure to take it so that when you are around your people you’ll be your best self :)

5)Remember your vitamins. 
More people => more exposure to germs, flu and colds.
Vitamin C
and your Multi Vitamin/ Multi Mineral are your friend right now.

6)Move your body

​Go for an ice skate
a walk
a sled
a cross country ski
a home workout
or come to Boot Camp.
Hopefully this holiday season some of your events can include physical activity.

Current clients, we would love to host your out of town guests. Please remember the shoe
rule and that we need your people to sign a waiver. Otherwise they are welcome as our guest.

Megan K and the team