Chelsea’s Success Story

We often hear of our clients who had gym memberships but weren’t using them…

It is a sad reality for many folks.

They are paying monthly for their gym dues but not attending. Then when they do attend, they either aren’t sure what to do or get stuck using the elliptical or the treadmill.

This was the situation for our awesome client Chelea G. Before joining MPower Fitness she “wasn’t doing a whole lot. I had a gym membership but almost never went and when I did, I spent an hour on the elliptical and wasn’t really training my body”

She says before MPower Fitness, “ I was the most overweight I had ever been. I was in a bad place mentally with work and stress was piling on. Now, I go to the gym at the end of the night to get over the days stress. Physically I feel stronger than I have been in years”.

Chelsea’s inspiration was her husband. “He has joined me in this life challenge and has lost 40lbs. We have learned to cook together and meal plan. We alos check on each other and get each other to the gym on days we don’t want to go”.  Chelsea says her initial goal was to lose 30lbs in 2018 and she did that! Now she is aiming for another 25 lbs in 2019. Her biggest challenge is keeping up with the habit of clean eating when she isn’t doing one of our 6 week challenges.  “I am still working on this but I feel like I have better tools to understand what to eat and what it is doing to my body if I eat poorly”. She says,

“I actually go to the gym, before I would get in a rhythm and go for a little while but life always got in the way. Now I know which days I am going and plan my week around it.

I make it a priority because I feel great after I go. Could not be more happy with the workouts. It’s also pretty awesome to go in and know all the coaches and a lot of the folks you work out with on a first name basis. Since joining MPower Fitness, I have lost the most weight I have ever lost and for once it feels like I can keep going. Oh and I also don’t mind a burpee any more!  

We are thrilled to hear this Chelsea and very excited for all the progress you and your husband have made in 2018!

Keep up the great work!

Affirmation Deficiency

Happy Friday!

This week I’m writing to you about a topic that might seem a tad bit “woo woo” but can truly have an impact on your headspace regarding fitness and your tangible results.

Have you ever heard of affirmational deficiency?

You have likely heard of affirmations and in particular positive ones.

ie: I’m whole perfect harmonious and happy.

I am a loving kind present friend.


But did you know that we can affirm our present situation and continue to create more of it if we are not careful about how we view it.

For example, if I am focusing all my energy on the 10 lbs I want to lose, I might continue to create a situation where I’ve got 10 lbs to lose.

If I’m thinking a lot about how I wish I had more energy rather than focusing on the energy I do have then I am going to continue to be aware of the lack of what I have vs the what of ​what I do have.  

I hope this makes sense.

When we want more of a thing (ANY Thing) the first step is to place focus on how much of it we already have.

Now this can be easier said than done when we are in a bad way…if my whole body aches and I’m exhausted it is easy for someone else to tell me “just focus on what feels good”. I  mean guess what jerk, nothing feels good…right? But there is always something positive we can find.

As you are going forward with your fitness and health journey find EVERY win (it doesn’t matter how small) and celebrate the heck out if it.  Ring that bell. Brag it up. Tell us about the thing you are proud about accomplishing. Find every reason to be grateful for all that is going well.

You’ll notice that more and more things will be moving in the direction you want…

If you need help framing/ reframing your goals ask one of us.

We are here to help.

Committed to your success,

Megan K and the team